The market of financial services inevitably changes over the time. The contemporary man needs the services adapted exactly to his needs. With respect to the needs of the contemporary user and the evaluation of the market of financial services, we hereby have the purpose to create a unique product, which allows every day to save the valuable time. Our purpose is to create the global, strong and leading bank, which would meet the needs of the contemporary man. With the help of the contemporary technologies we have developed a unique concept of the future bank. This would allow each user to carry out all the necessary financial operations simply at one place. Upon the evaluation of the popularity of ever increasing digital currency, we have drawn attention to the usage of the currencies in a real world. Future bank is a financial institution, which can offer all the possible financial services for the customers conveniently, safely and for a reasonable price.



JSC CRYPTO BANKAS founded (March 29, 2016). Team built up (April, 2016). Market research done. Strategic partners found (June, 2016). Future strategy of company revealed. Hard work on primary product began. Still working on legal issues. Searching for advanced specialists for work on blockchain technology. Some highly experienced advisors on cryptocurrencies found (July, 2016).



Big part of job done – working on-line banking system developed (October, 2016). Testing started. Some bugs on app found and fixed (November, 2016). Still testing. Work on final app design started. New team members found (November, 2016).



Work on connecting major cryptocurrencies to our platform started (December, 2016). Legal issues within Europe solved, now we can implement exchanges within cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies (February, 2017). Still working on legal aspects in USA and Asia. Some new advisers found (April, 2017). Final design of platform introduced (June, 2017). New strategic investors found, deal closed, started working jointly (July, 2017).



ICO (February 2, 2018). Public introduction of working platform (beta version) with it’s basic functions. The team is still working hard on platform functionality. AST coin built (January, 2018).



Adding AST coin (token) to public exchanges (by the end of March, 2018). Marketing campaign launch. Introduction of biometric authentication system (April, 2018).



Obtaining needed licenses to work legally within EU. Membership in SEPA, SWIFT, VISA/MASTERCARD networks. Launch of branded payment cards. Assignment of dedicated IBAN for every account (2st quarter of 2018). Introduction of blockchain powered lending platform for small-sized consumer loan issuing (2nd – 3rd quarter of 2018). Opening branches in Switzerland, India, Egypt, Nigeria and Dubai (3rd – 4th quarters of 2018).



ASSETA becomes fully working European blockchain-based crypto bank (by the end of 2018).



Opening branches in USA, Canada, Australia, Gibraltar, Russia and China (1st quarter of 2019). New services, such as insurance and loans will be added (3rd – 4th quarter of 2019). Some new banking licenses in different countries obtained (4th quarter of 2019). Keep moving forward.



Transformation into Global blockchain-based crypto bank with revolutionary insurance, loan, investment and payment products (within 2019).



ASSETA IPO (late 2019 – early 2020)


Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICO - Initial Coin Offering is an event held by ASSETA to raise funds for it’s further development and accelerate it’s growth globally. The main idea is to raise money during ICO by selling AST coins (tokens) to the investors, who believe in our bright future and want to be a part of revolution in financial market. After ICO is completed, the tokens will become available on major exchangers for public trading within two weeks at a price no doubt higher than ICO price with active growth based on statistics and completed steps.

Why ICO?

We clearly know that we can reach our goals without ICO, as we have already done a big part of job by creating our company and platform using our own resources. Nevertheless, ICO will very help us reach our goal in a much shorter amount of time. The most important for us is that we will do it together with You! AST coins (tokens) are probably the best digital assets built on the market to date, based on a profitable and actively developing business (not only the idea, like other ICO’s), working in one of the fastest growing areas - fintech industry.


ICO START DATE February 02, 2018
ICO END DATE February 28, 2018
TOTAL SUPPLY 33,000,000 (thirty three millions) AST tokens
SOFT CAP / HARD CAP 10,000 ETH / 30,000 ETH
ACCEPTED CURRENCY Ethereum (ETH) and fiat (USD, EUR and etc.)
Tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be destroyed automatically by the smart contract


ICO 90% of token supply
Team and marketing 8% of token supply
Bounties 2% of token supply


Before soft cap (early investor bonus) 1300 AST = 1 ETH
After soft cap 1000 AST = 1 ETH


AST coin is Ethereum-based token (ERC20). Ethereum is decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. Some of the main advantages of Ethereum-based tokens:

  • High liquidity
  • Security
  • User-friendly interface.

For more information, please visit official Ethereum site (